Ep #31 - Justice League!!!

November 18, 2017


The dudes review the movie with the iconic DC characters, Justice League! Is it even worth watching if you don't like the other DC movies? Is it even worth watching at all? Find out on this episode of Dragon Ball Z! We also talk about the big Star Wars news from last week, along with the Lord of the Rings TV Show. Please at least download even if you're not going to listen smh 


Blake news:

- 1:20 LOTR Amazon TV series

- 5:25 Rian Johnson Star Wars Trilogy

Justice League:

Non-Spoilers: 19:35

Spoilers: 32:10

Rate Time: 52:40

RANDOM Topic: 59:30


Movie Club #14 - Looper

November 6, 2017

For this week's movie club, the dudes review Weston's pick, the sci-fi thriller Looper! This is the 2012 movie directed by Rian Johnson, the director of Star Wars The Last Jedi. Is the movie as great as people say it is, and more importantly(?), is Rian Johnson a good fit for the Star Wars franchise?! Listen to hear our opinion! 




November 6, 2017

Since Stranger Things has become a worldwide sensation, DPVM decided to review the newest season of the show! Is it worth watching? Does it live up to the first season? Hear our thoughts on this bonus episode of DUMB PEOPLE VS.... TV? 


Ep #30 - THOR RAGNAROK! (And Thank You For Your Service)

November 5, 2017

The boys review one of the most anticapted movies of 2017, Taika Waititi's Thor Ragnarok! Does it live up to the hype? Listen to our reactions on episode 30! We also review Thank You For Your Service and talk about the trash COD servers on launch day. 

Blake News: 4:28

Gareth Evans doing Deathstroke


Thor Ragnarok: 7:28 

Spoilers: 19:00


Thank You For Your Service: 51:57


Call Of Duty WWII: 59:15


Movie Club #13 - Apocalypse Now

October 23, 2017

Kyle has officially left the podcast. You will be dearly missed and we will be praying for your recovery and for your family. More importantly, you will want to listen Dany's pick! Don't forget to watch Westons pick for next week, Looper. 

Apocalypse Now

non-spoilers: 2:20

spoilers: 9:45

rate time: 43:35

Next movie club movie: Looper 


Ep #29 - The Snowman

October 23, 2017

It has been awhile since DPVM had a movie to roast. You will want to listen to this. Don't forget to rate us on ituens!!!

Blake news 4:25  (not giving directer control)

The Snowman

non-spoilers: 13:20

Spoilers: 29:00

rate time: 56:30

Random Topic: hitchhikers guide to the galaxy 


Ep #28 - Justice League + Star Wars Trailers

October 16, 2017

This week, Dumb People Vs. Movies did not feel like wathcing a movie. Instread they decided to react to two trailers. We're not sure why it took them nearly 90 minutes to talk about two trialers, but at any rate you should listen. 

Blake News: 1:30

Main Topic: 8:40

JL end: 31:45

SW end: 1:18:30

Movie Club: Apocolypse Now


Ep #27 - Blade Runner 2049

October 9, 2017

This week has been aticipated for many weeks! Dany, Wylie, Richie, and Blake review Blade Runner 2049! You'll want to listen to this! 

Blake News: 2:00 (A.I)

Blade Runner 2049

Non-spoiler: 11:00

Spoilers: 25:00

Rate Time: 1:00:00

Radom Topic: Call of Duty?


Ep #26 - American Made

October 1, 2017

For this weeks podcast; Wylie, Blake, Dany, and Richie talk about "American Made." Thanks for listening and don't forget to leave a rate on itunes!


Blake News: 3:30 (Nice Guys, TV Show?)

American Made

non-spoilers: 10:35

spoilers: 24:20

Rate time: 43:00


Movie Club #12 - Hot Fuzz

September 24, 2017