Ep #17 - Dunkirk

July 23, 2017

For todays podcast Dumb People Vs. Movies has a very special guest. Wylie, Richie, Dany, Weston, And Blake bring on their old history teacher, Damon Laycox, to shine some light on the historical accuracies in the Dunkirk. They also bring Sean on the air for a little throw-back and hope that he will stay on! You're going to want to listen to this one! And DON'T FORGET! Rate us 5 stars on itunes and we will read your review live on the next podcast!



Blake News

i. 0:40 (Affleck’s Future in Doubt for Batman)


Non-Spoilers: 8:55

Spoilers: 19:00

Movie rate time: 1:06:45

Random Topic: 1:24:00


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