Ep #22 - Wind River

August 26, 2017

For this week, Dumb People Vs. Movies reviews Wind River. Listen to see what they thought. Also; they were very tired.......


Blake News: 4:20 (Joker Origin Movie.)

Wind River

Non-Spoilers: 16:00

Spoilers: 24:00

rate time: 43:00

Movie bets review: Weston watches The Last Airbender

Next movie bet movie: The In Crowd (2000)


Directed By - Christopher Nolan Pt. 1

August 21, 2017

New podcast!! Dany and Blake start their podcast on directors by delving into Christopher Nolan's filmography and discuss what makes him one of the best working today. In what Part 1 we talk about Following, Memento, Insomnia, and The Prestige. 


Movie Club #8 - Anchorman

August 19, 2017

This weeks pick for the Movie Club movie was Wylie's. Wylie chose to pick Anchorman, which all the guys agreed was not as good as they remembered... 


Next Movie Club Movie: a clockwork orange



Ep #21 - Logan Lucky + Movie Bets: Dragonball Evolution

August 19, 2017

This week on Dumb People Vs. Movies: Dany, Richie, Wylie, and Blake are back at the movies watching Logan Lucky. Weston couldn't make it today becuase apperently sickness is some sort of excuse. 


Blake News: 1:05 (Star Wars Stand alone)

Logan Lucky

Non-Spoilers: 12:30

Spoilers: 20:10

Rate time: 39:30

Movie Bets: 47:00 (Richie has to review Dragon Ball Evolution… Sorry)


Movie Marathon #1 - Lord of the Rings

August 11, 2017

Dumb People Vs. Movies is debuting a new podcast, Movie Marathons! We decided to start with one of the best and longest trilogies of all-time, Lord of the Rings. DON'T FORGET to rate us on ITUNES!


Ep #20 - Top 5 Comic Book Movies + Emoji Movie + Battlefield Earth

August 10, 2017

On this weeks podcast Dumb Poeple Vs. Movies decide not to go to the theaters and instead list their all time top 5 Comic book movies. 


Blake News:

i. 1:35 (Disney: Streaming Service)

Top 5 Comic Book Movies: 15:00


Bad Movie Reviews

Emoji Movie: 1:17:25

Rate: 2 (How?)

Battlefield Earth: 1:26:35

Rate: 1


Movie Club #7 - Akira

August 10, 2017

On this week's movie club podcast, Dumb People Vs. Movies review Richie's pick, Akira! DON'T FORGET to rate us on Itunes!


Movie Club Movie for Next Week: Anchorman (2004)


Ep #19 - Top 5 Movies of 2017 (So Far)

August 4, 2017

For this week's episode of Dumb People Vs. Movies, the guys talk about their individual top 5 movies of the year so far. Then using a complex mathematical formula, they come up with Dumb People Vs. Movie's consensus TOP 5 MOVIES OF 2017 (so far).  They also shared random thoughts about where the Stars Wars universe is heading.

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Blake News:

i. Directer of suicide squad turn down (1:10)

i. Star Wars re-writes?? (6:00)


Top 5 Movies of 2017 So Far (18:25)


Movie Club #6 - Taxi Driver

August 4, 2017

On this week's movie club podcast, Dumb People Vs. Movies review Dany's pick, Taxi Driver! DON'T FORGET to rate us on Itunes!


Movie Club Movie for Next Week: Akira (1988)


Ep #18 - Atomic Blonde

July 30, 2017

For this weeks Dumb People Vs. Movies podcast the guys review Atomic Blonde and share their thoughts on the film. They also go VERY off topic and share some of the best impressions the world has ever seen.

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Blake News:

i. 1:10 (Emoji Movie: 2 Milion Dollars)

Atomic Blonde

Non-Spoilers: 6:30

Spoilers: 15:00

Movie Rate Time: 25:50